Core Schedule at Emergency SA (EMSA) Conference

The global pandemic has put a huge strain on the healthcare system, and we’ve heard about ED overcrowding, ambulance ramping, and other issues that have a significant impact on patient care in hospitals. Many healthcare workers are away from work because they are either covid positive or require isolation due to being a closed contact, putting additional pressure on the existing workforce. Our healthcare professionals face these challenges on a daily basis, which has a significant impact on their mental wellbeing.

Doctors, Managers and Administration staff can spend well over 4 hours a fortnight building a staff roster – they then spend more time making multiple changes based on sickness, leave and adhering to health and safety regulations. Further time is spent managing roster versions and communicating the latest version with staff. This back-and-forth cycle continues each fortnight, with so much time wasted with inefficient and static roster systems that would be better spent improving patient and self-care. 

Core Schedule is designed from the ground up for the healthcare industry in a way that mitigates risks, gives real-time updates, allows budget analysis and is customisable to a team’s unique requirements. We work with hospitals, aged-care facilities and emergency services to create safe and compliant rosters, improve fatigue management and work-life balance for medical professionals, increase efficiency and improve overall patient care. Learn how Core Schedule helped the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) with roster management here

We will be exhibiting at the Emergency SA (EMSA) Conference from the 12th to 13th of August at the Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia. We look forward to connecting with industry leaders, keynote speakers and attendees and helping you get back your precious time and contribute to your psychological wellbeing. 

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