Emergency Services, FIFO and Rural Workforces

We work with aeromedical and emergency service providers to help improve resource allocation & productivity as well as manage the significant costs or healthcare resourcing. Ultimately this results in better and safer patient care as well as a healthier and engaged workforce.

Client Spotlight: LifeFlight

Our client LifeFlight Australia, is a world leader in aeromedical care with a core purpose to save lives and service the community. For more than 40 years, RACQ LifeFlight Rescue has been Queensland’s leading community helicopter rescue service delivering emergency response, critical medical care and hospital airlifts to seriously ill or injured people.

 In 2021, RACQ LifeFlight Rescue’s community helicopters, Air Ambulance jets and Critical Care Doctors came to the aid of 6,846 people. This lifesaving work is made possible through the operation of LifeFlight’s 8 base facilities, and employment of over 400+ staff including 150 Critical Care Doctors.

As you can imagine, staff scheduling for LifeFlight is critical to ensure their crews and teams are rescue ready at all times.

Core Schedule were able to help streamline LifeFlight’s staff schedules with a focus on ensuring their fatigue management requirements were met. To assist LifeFlight in this area, Core Schedule built a new Fatigue Management Application to collect and monitor pre-shift fatigue scores.

Core Schedule’s dedicated Fatigue Management Application: 

  • Allows staff to enter the amount of sleep they’ve had and how long they’ve been awake, to calculate a Fatigue Score.
  • Scores are then able to be recorded against a shift, calculated at the start, during, or at the end of a shift.
  • Reports can be generated to determine the fatigue safety of the workforce and predict future hour requirements.

 If fatigue management is a key issue for your staff, get in touch with Core Schedule today to see how our Fatigue Management Application can work for you.