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Eliminate headaches caused by shift swaps, cancellations and leave requests. Know that your staff scheduling is safe, compliant, up-to-date and running optimally.

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About CoreSchedule

Customized to each Team and Schedule

Easily manage complex rules and staff requests

Designed from the ground up for healthcare

Why Core Schedule ?

Advances in healthcare have long been propelled by a willingness to abandon old practices in favour of new, more effective therapies – goodbye bloodletting, hello germ theory and antibiotics. So why should the work of staff scheduling stay stuck in static spreadsheets?

Who We Serve?

We work with hundreds of organisations from across the globe from hospitals to entire health systems, in aged care & community care, emergency services, fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) workforces, dental services… the list continues to grow.

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"Core Schedule has been invaluable in managing our roster and was customized (for free) in several ways to provide functions we needed. This is the best rostering solution we have ever used or seen."

Andre Cromhout

FACEM, Director of Emergency Medicine, Wellington Hospital, NZ

Urmil P.
Urmil P.
1. September, 2022.
Straightforward, simple product for scheduling Overall experience has been good, customer support is very quick to respond and help provide solutions. Big shot out to [SENSITIVE CONTENT] from the customer support team, he has helped me many times. He's excellent! ☺Easy to use, decent UI, and customer support is very fast to provide support. ☹Limited features, UI can use some rebranding, platform feels a bit outdated.
Candice T.
Candice T.
26. May, 2022.
Core Schedule Review Absolutely fantastic - the team are all approachable and use every day language so less tech savy users aren't confused. The team offer solutions and are proactive. ☺What i like most about Core Schedule is the customer support - nothing is too hard and they are very understanding of new users. In terms of the software the visibility and adaptability - we were able to tailor the system to our unique needs. The cloud based approach means your are never locked out of your schedule and can makes / requests/ changes as soon as possible rather than having to wait to be on site - particularly for our clinicians who are flying in ☹Some double handling in some areas - would be good to have more drag and drop features
Brendan T.
Brendan T.
16. September, 2021.
Core Schedule implementation Our organisation managed to solve the majority of existing issues in the rostering area with the help of Core Schedule. Support from the Core Schedule Team was absolutely fantastic, they went above and beyond to fulfil all our requirements. ☺Core Schedule is a programme designed to provide dynamic rosters for medical work teams. It is designed by doctors for doctors. It is configured to meet the specific requirements of each unit, area, and discipline, and establishes and maintains a central point of trusted information that is always current for the wider operations and management teams. It is a Cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) and it can operate in a large and complex environment so rosters can be viewed and accessed by the appropriate people, in the appropriate way to meet the appropriate need. Core Schedule can be viewed on any internet-enabled device. Rosters can appear on a user's personal calendars (Outlook, Google, Apple Calendar etc.) with any updates or changes shown in real time. Notification and message functionality are part of the system and can be tailored to minimize costs and boost efficiency. Core Schedule will ensure that the specific requirements of each unit and area are met. In addition, it helps you ensure that each individual is rostered for the appropriate number of hours, shifts, and shift types in any given period, and according to employment rules and policies. Core Schedule is a single platform where annual/personal leave, timesheets, and expense claims can be managed ☹No APIs, will be very god to have, it will enable automated sync with other IT platforms, for instance with HRMS
Jake R.
Jake R.
14. September, 2021.
Outpatients is not the same as 1952 Saving Senior Nurse Admin Time - so enabling that Nurse to use her Nursing Skills with the team, and her knowledge in the parts of the roster that are around allocation to services, and having administrators actively building the rosters around the clinical rules. ☺I love the instant changes and how this product can react to a busy outpatients unit and a busy regional outpatients -Dr /Nurse response to many services all in one place. - i have multiple users building fucture rosters over a large area and it seems to be working day to day without any concerns from anyone - which tells me it is accepted as "this is how we do things" ☹I would like a Room broken down into hourly appointments - or a group of rooms i could display on another screen adjacent to the big one. integration to the hardware was a good learning , you just need the right people to get to the goal you want.
Erin H.
Erin H.
14. September, 2021.
Core Schedule is great! Core Schedule is a fantastic rostering program. It has all the features we need and I feel it gives more options to users and give our doctors more control over their own rosters. ☺That is so easily accessible on all devices. That doctors have more control over their shift swaps/trades and rosters overall. It is easily viewable and read well on the screen and very user friendly. ☹I would absolutely love to have doctors across/viewable on more than one roster at a time. This would make rostering across out paeds and adults roster much easier.
Rita K.
Rita K.
10. September, 2021.
Flexible healthcare rosters. Great support. ☺The onboarding and configuration of the software was so comprehensive. ☹Hoping to see an API or award interpretation included in the product. I believe that this is coming soon.
Kerri R.
Kerri R.
9. September, 2021.
QEII ED Rostering It suits the needs of the department 80% but that is pretty normal as the department is always changing. If Core had the capability to import rosters from other sources for display purposes that would be an amazing asset for our hospital / department. We do not display our nurses working on shift in the department as they use a different rostering system, but if we could export their roster then input it in for the Photoboard we would be an amazing addition to Core and how we use it. ☺The best feature about this product is the accessability for all staff who use it. They have access to their roster instantly and in real time no matter where they are in country / world. We have customised Core to have a photo display board of all the staff who are working in the department on a certain day, with a photo, title, shift time and where they are allocated to work. This helps all new staff to the department to put a face to a name. I love the reporting function of Core also, especially so I can run sick leave reports for the weekend when I was not working and ensure the sick leave was AVACd'd and sent to payroll. ☹I really have a hard time when it comes to allocating shifts for staff when writing the rosters. You physically have to click every square to add a shift. I think it would be more user friendly if you could just type the letter of the shift e.g. E = early and it pre-fills, then tab to the next one and enter an L = late shift. This service only has a "paste" option and it is only for the same shift. I don't currently plot rosters but it will be part of my role in the near future and I am going to struggle with this and would prefer to write my roster in an excel template and copy into Core. I think if the option of writing in an excel spreadsheet roster and being able to import it directly into core would be an amazing feature if it could be implemented. I have had lots of issues with the message board we had customised in Core, but the team are continuously working on improvements for this all the time.

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