Core Schedule launches virtual care solution for telehealth scheduling

23 January 2024
By Kate McDonald –
Reposted from PulseIT News

Image: iStock

Healthcare rostering technology specialist Core Schedule has launched a new virtual care solution tailored for the needs of the telehealth sector.

Core Schedule has partnered with Aspen Medical’s Aspen Health division to roll out the scheduling technology, aiming to streamline operations and enhance service delivery.

According to Core Schedule, the platform is designed to simplify the complexities associated with virtual healthcare scheduling.

Features include customised scheduling solutions for virtual health services, real-time adaptability that will allow healthcare providers to quickly adjust to changes in telehealth appointments and scheduling needs, and enhanced communication tools for seamless coordination among healthcare teams.

The solution also features automated compliance checks for regulations specific to telehealth.

Aspen Health plans to use Core Schedule Virtual Care to enhance its telehealth service offerings, and provide staff with an intuitive, efficient scheduling tool.

Core Schedule was first developed as a staff rostering program for NZ emergency departments that is also used in Australian hospitals and in the US.

It came to the fore during the Covid-19 pandemic when it added a “not available – in isolation” function to help hospitals roster staff and allowed EDs to handle high risk assignments and staff cohorting.

It is integrated with Celo’s healthcare messaging app to allow clinical teams to message the on-duty roster manager by searching Celo’s directory by role.

Core Schedule is also entering the aged care sector for workforce management and rostering.