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Dr Stephen C. Pool is an Emergency Room Physician who was frustrated with the process of managing staff schedules. So he designed a program that would work just the way he and his colleagues wanted it to – simple to use, transparent and easily accessible.

Since its creation, Core Schedule has been adopted by major healthcare organisations through to clinics across the United States, New Zealand and Australia. They all now enjoy the benefits of a program that is tailored to suit their needs.

Core Schedule works because we put people first.. We know rosters underpin the daily heroics of hospital staff, and if we can help make them better, we make it better for everybody.

Global leadership team

Dr. Stephen C. Pool


Stephen is an Emergency Medicine Specialist and programmer who created Core Schedule while working in New York City. He designed it to be efficient, easy to use, transparent, and accessible. He has twenty years of experience developing websites and business applications and held a seat on the Board of Trustees of the American Medical Association. He was delighted when Gambit and Logan, his two giant Alaskan Malamutes, flunked college and joined the family business in executive roles.

Nicole Bomann

Finance Manager

Nicole started in the fashion industry as a designer for Giorgio Armani USA menswear. By age 29, she was the Senior Vice President of Perry Ellis Menswear Inc., but eventually turned her attention towards more meaningful projects and became a fundraiser and event planner for non-profit organisations. When not with her family, she’s completing a Masters degree in Professional Accounting and has dreams of finishing a Pilates class without breaking a sweat, like they do on TV.

Jon Hancock

Chief Technology Officer + Data Security

Jon has spent 30 years leading people, product and technology as an ICT executive, architect, entrepreneur and developer. He worked on the forefront of agile practices, software architecture, cloud computing, invented the first object-relational mapping framework and commercialised the first application frameworks. He’s worked across the U.S., China and New Zealand. He’s a Pisces who likes baggy rubber pants, standing in cold water alone for hours, and seeking a friendly trout with a great sense of humour.

Vaughan Meneses

Global Sales + Marketing

Vaughan is an outgoing guy with a passion for pragmatism and experience in media, software, not-for-profit, and health. He gets excited about improved productivity for customers and wider data insights to support better decision making and happier people. He sings, paints, adores his cat, likes his kid, and is vegan - so if he pops over, put some cardboard in the toaster, smear it with vegemite and call it dinner because he loves it when others cook.

Operations team

Wes Radulski

Healthcare Roster Specialist

Wes originally trained as a nurse, and did his master’s thesis in rostering, before working in software and leaving Calgary winters to set up operations here for a Canadian company in 2006. In recent years he returned to healthcare management and brings over 30 years’ experience in health informatics, with a focus on health records and rostering. After years of Melbourne living he now understands coffee, but doesn’t think Aussie has cold days, making him ‘almost’ local.

Jasmin Kelly

Healthcare Roster Specialist

With significant software industry experience in workforce management and finance, and in-depth knowledge helping people move from onsite to cloud-based systems, Jasmin loves working for a people first company that has a positive impact on their customers. When not in work mode, she’s amphibious and either found in the ocean swimming with the fishes, or drowning in copious amounts of coffee, which helps her go fast enough to avoid the fish with gigantic teeth and humungous jaws.

Eryn Mark Begley

Team Administrator Sales + Marketing

Eryn Mark is the go-to guy for the sales team and makes sure we have everything in place for customers as they move through the sales and onboarding process. He’s super organised, and his Fine Arts background means he has a great eye for detail and doesn’t miss a thing. He lives with a stroppy Abyssinian that doesn’t know it’s cat, has an eclectic mix of art and an almost unhealthy obsession for all things Tori Amos.

Penny Lattey

Customer Success Manager

Penny has worked in customer service more than 15 years across multiple industries. Their extensive experience in CRM has won awards and been used for internal training. They also love diving into raw data and seeing what magic they can do with it. When not working they’re gaming, and when not gaming they’re doing either nerdy cross-stitch or making friends with the neighbourhood animals that show up on their porch, usually in bird form with questionable attitudes.

Liz Howe

Customer Success Manager

Liz has significant experience with organisations who have experienced rapid growth and is a pragmatist who loves change, technology and working with people to improve the workplace. She’s a massive fan of netball, tennis and basketball and can breakdown a play as quickly as she can down a great coffee. When she’s not at work she enjoys all things culinary and has an impressive collection of cookbooks and saucepans and sometimes even uses them to make food.

Grace Cheng

Executive Assistant + Customer Support

Grace is our multitasking maestro in customer support while still managing to be PA to both Stephen and Jon to keep them coordinated. She’s a smooth operator with awesome stakeholder engagement, communications and business know-how. She has a Bachelor of Commerce from Victoria University and has worked in digital marketing, finance & sales support. Away from work life is all downhill as she deftly manages to avoid avalanches, chasms, and most small children on the ski slopes.

Cade Murphy

Lead Developer

Cade has a background in designing and implementing a wide array of technology solutions for healthcare workers. He has notable experience in leading transitions from on-premise to cloud systems in the healthcare space. He gets excited writing robust, scalable software that can handle anything you throw at it. When not at work, you can find him lounging in the same spot for days on end and only budging during drinks break at the Cricket to keep hydrated.

Richard Girvan

Senior Developer

Richard fell in love with computing early on a Sanyo MBC-1150 and prior to joining us had a web development consulting company focusing on producing accessible websites. He studied Computer Science, Physics, Film Production, and Animation. In the office he’s known Rikipaedia because he remembers all sorts of amazing stuff, except how to tell the difference between a tomato and a tennis ball because he is colour-blind, resulting in some spectacularly unique combinations in his lunchtime salads.

Gong Wang


Gong is a passionate software engineer and writes artistic code to fix the tricky stuff . His work is used by hundreds of thousands of people and he’s excellent at making things work fast. In his spare time he’s an amateur car machinist and electronic technician, so it wasn’t a surprise when he took a piece of string, a broken watch, and a wooden peg into the lunchroom and made a dark green Aston Marton last Tuesday.

Neil Thornton

Onboarding Specialist

Formerly a college writing teacher, Neil creates easy-to-follow user documentation and training for customers and support staff. His skills as a teacher mean he loves working with customers to get them up and running Core Schedule in no time. Neil is also a working stand-up comic, performing around the world in comedy clubs, festivals, small-town soccer clubs, seedy dive bars, and (very) occasionally on television, which is much harder these days on a modern wall-mounted flat screen.


Social Club

Logan has the best job in the company. He went through a highly competitive process and it was his sparkling wit and boyish charm that landed him the role over others - not his intellect, talent, qualifications, or experience, none of which he has. He wouldn’t know a roster if he bit one, which he often does. His sister’s in HR and his dad owns the company, but apparently, he’s here on his own merits. Yeah, right.



Gambitt’s always been a people person and after leaving Princeton with her masters Medical Degree and car keys in her mouth, she went a bit astray and fell in with a bit of a rough rough crowd. However she is now a fully certified career canine and is making the most of her roles here at Core Schedule. Her favourite ones are sausage and chicken , but she is also partial to roll over, and rolly polly.



As head of comments and complaints, Oscar takes his job very seriously and dedicates his entire day to generating as many of them as possible. He’s a big fan of positive customer comments, so maximises screen time in Zoom meetings. Like a proper complaints department, he displays an indifferent cattitude, ignoring feedback like “get off the bench” and “don’t bring that inside”, letting the complainant know “that it sounds like a you problem, not a me problem.”

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