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Dr Stephen C. Pool is an Emergency Room Physician who was frustrated with the process of managing staff schedules. So he designed a program that would work just the way he and his colleagues wanted it to – simple to use, transparent and easily accessible.

Since its creation, Core Schedule has been adopted by major healthcare organisations through to clinics across the United States, New Zealand and Australia. They all now enjoy the benefits of a program that is tailored to suit their needs.

Core Schedule works because we put people first.. We know schedules underpin the daily heroics of healthcare staff, and if we can help make them better, we make it better for everybody.

Global leadership team

Dr. Stephen C. Pool


Stephen is an Emergency Medicine Specialist and programmer who created Core Schedule while working in New York City. He designed it to be efficient, easy to use, transparent, and accessible. He has twenty years of experience developing websites and business applications and held a seat on the Board of Trustees of the American Medical Association. He was delighted when Gambit and Logan, his two giant Alaskan Malamutes, flunked college and joined the family business in executive roles.

Nicole Bomann

Finance Manager

Nicole started in the fashion industry as a designer for Giorgio Armani USA menswear. By age 29, she was the Senior Vice President of Perry Ellis Menswear Inc., but eventually turned her attention towards more meaningful projects and became a fundraiser and event planner for non-profit organisations. When not with her family, she’s completing a Masters degree in Professional Accounting and has dreams of finishing a Pilates class without breaking a sweat, like they do on TV.

Jon Hancock

Chief Technology Officer

Jon has spent 30 years leading people, product and technology as an ICT executive, architect, entrepreneur and developer. He worked on the forefront of agile practices, software architecture, cloud computing, invented the first object-relational mapping framework and commercialised the first application frameworks. He’s worked across the U.S., China and New Zealand. He’s a Scorpio who likes baggy rubber pants, standing in cold water alone for hours, and seeking a friendly trout with a great sense of humour.

Vaughan Meneses

Global Sales + Marketing Officer

Vaughan is an outgoing guy with a passion for pragmatism and experience in media, software, not-for-profit, and health. He gets excited about improved productivity for customers and wider data insights to support better decision making and happier people. He sings, paints, adores his cat, likes his kid, and is vegan - so if he pops over, put some cardboard in the toaster, smear it with vegemite and call it dinner because he loves it when others cook.

Operations team

Wes Radulski

Staff Scheduling Specialist

Jasmin Kelly

Staff Scheduling Specialist

Penny Lattey

Customer Success Manager

Eryn Mark Begley

Team Administrator Sales + Marketing

Niel Thornton

Onboarding Specialist

Cade Murphy

Lead Developer

Richard Girvan

Senior Developer

Gong Wang








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