Why Core Schedule for Healthcare Staff Scheduling?

Core Schedule has been streamlining staff scheduling since 2007

Our staff scheduling solution started out as the perfect tool for hospital emergency departments, not surprising given our founder is an emergency physician. However, as more departments came on board it wasn’t long before we were implemented across entire hospitals and health systems. How was this possible? Core Schedule is a highly customisable and adaptable solution. Every client receives the full on-boarding treatment from our team of staff scheduling specialists. Every client is unique and because of that, every schedule is unique.

We now work with hundreds of organisations from across the globe from hospitals to entire health systems, in aged care & community care, emergency services, fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) workforces, dental services… the list continues to grow.

Find out more about your particular workforce below.

Hospitals and Health Systems

We work with public and private acute care organisations to help improve resource allocation, productivity as well as manage the significant costs or healthcare resourcing. Ultimately this results in better and safer patient care as well as a healthier and engaged workforce.

Emergency Services, FIFO, Rural workforces.

We work with emergency services from fire and rescue to ambulatory and medical aviation services to help streamline and simplify their staff scheduling. Being able to protect and serve the community requires the right technology. Have the right people and service in the right place at the right time is critical.

Aged, Palliative and Community Care

Today’s aged care providers face significant demand for resources to provide quality care. Our cloud-based staff scheduling helps optimise and simplify the management and allocation of staff.