Embracing Change in Healthcare: Overcoming ‘Mindset Debt’ for Digital Transformation

Core Schedule had the privilege of attending HiNZ Digital Health Week last week in Hamilton. A highlight of this event was Leigh Donoghue’s speech, Chief Data and Digital Officer at Te Whatu Ora. His thoughts on ‘mindset debt’ as a barrier to digital transformation in healthcare resonated with our team, emphasising the need for a paradigm shift in the healthcare sector, including how scheduling and management solutions are viewed and implemented.


“There is an old adage that if you want to change something, change something”.

Understanding Mindset Debt: The concept of ‘mindset debt,’ as discussed by Donoghue, highlights the entrenched, traditional ways of thinking that often hamper the adoption of digital solutions in healthcare. Overcoming this mindset debt is crucial for embracing new technologies like Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and advanced scheduling systems, like Core Schedule.

Vision of Pae Ora and Core Schedule’s Alignment: The vision of Pae Ora for healthcare reform in New Zealand, emphasising local strengths, is a path that Core Schedule is eager to tread. Our solutions are designed to support reforms by like this, by providing efficient scheduling and management tools.

Witnessing Digital Progress: The advancements in digital health areas such as My Health Account and the NZ Health Terminology Service, discussed by Donoghue, are just the start. Core Schedule acknowledges these steps as crucial milestones in the journey toward digital transformation.

The Road Ahead: Attending the HiNZ Conference reinforced our belief in the need for a cultural shift in the healthcare sector. Core Schedule is committed to playing a significant role in this transformation by offering innovative scheduling solutions, fostering digital literacy, and supporting a culture of continuous improvement.

Our experience at the HiNZ Digital Health Week 2023 reaffirmed our dedication to being a partner in digital transformation in healthcare. Leigh Donoghue’s insights on overcoming mindset debt to embrace digital advancement have further inspired us at Core Schedule to continue developing solutions that align with the evolving needs of the healthcare sector.