Shift gear – Core Schedule Takes on ANZ Health’s Ancient Rostering Systems

🚀 Read the latest article from Punakaiki: “Shift Gear – Core Schedule Takes on ANZ Health’s Ancient Rostering Systems”

🌟 Discover the journey of Core Schedule, the cloud-based staff rostering tool transforming healthcare HR in Australia and New Zealand. Gone are the days of leeches and chloroform; it’s time to embrace the modern marvels of medicine, and that includes backend technology!

👨‍⚕️ Meet Dr. Stephen Pool, the mastermind behind Core Schedule, and learn about his firsthand experiences with chaotic roster systems in New York’s emergency departments.

💻 Dive into the story of how a simple idea became a game-changer in healthcare management, ensuring safer, more efficient patient care.

🌏 Follow Core Schedule’s journey from a side project to a major player in the healthcare industry, overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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