Help for the Holiday Schedule

The buzz of summer holidays, barbeques and tinsel is in the air; but there is also the buzz of tension for hospital staff, as they approach one of the busiest periods of the year.

With plentiful parties and people letting their hair down, comes an influx to emergency departments across the country. To top it off, a lot of staff want to take advantage of the summer sun and schedule a well-earned break, so managing an everchanging schedule becomes added stress to control. Managing who is off and when, filling shifts and implementing locum doctors, just makes the roster puzzle increase in intensity, scrutiny and errors are bound to occur.

Having the right people, in the right place, at the right time is more than critical at this time. But how can this complex puzzle be straightened out? Is there a way to lighten the load?

Don’t worry, Core Schedule have got some holiday magic to help manage your labour fluctuations.  

Workforce Optimisation

Since we know, no unit or department are alike, all our systems are customised to the set of requirements for each of your areas. Like Santa checking his list twice, our systems then utilise your templates, processes, rules and scripts, to help you ensure that your staff have the appropriate number of hours, shifts and shift types for any given period. We say three cheers to our smart systems!

Contingency Rosters

Unlike a real emergency, there is no emergency code to call for extra help during an urgent roster situation. Unless you have the magical elves from Core Schedule helping you build your contingency rosters. Like a ballerina in ‘The Nutcracker’ we’ll help you pivot and change in an instant. Core Schedule give you the ability to create contingency rosters, to account for times when these changes happen, and with systems working together for you, not against you. The amazing part – this is all at the push of a button!


Like the star glistening at the top of the Christmas tree, our optimal viewing platforms don’t let you forget what is important. Our dashboards help put the information you need to stay top of mind, right in front of you.

With the help of these three key areas, your rosters and schedules no longer need to fill you with dread during the holidays. So, contact us, and we’ll show you how Core Schedule can make your complex puzzle – simple!