Is your rostering safe and compliant?

How often do last-minute shift swaps, cancellations, leave requests and safety concerns cause you stress and cost you time each week? Are your rosters safe and compliant? 

The ability to deliver effective healthcare to people efficiently whilst keeping staff healthy, engaged, safe and well-rested, relies on having the right staff schedule. Core Schedule ensures a safe and stress-free work environment for staff and patients with our tailor-fit solution to suit your unique requirements. Our healthcare scheduling software is customised for each hospital and department. Intuitive and incorporating all safety measures, maintains platform & data security; we let you focus on what’s important – providing quality patient care. 

Some of our unique features are: 

  • Safety Scan – Provides a detailed list of all violations & warning notifications. It can be automatically run and emailed directly on a daily basis
  • Core Allocation – Track trainee rotations across multiple facilities, run assignment requests, generate sheets of all staff assigned to a run & instant unfulfilled rotation count
  • Operating Theatre View – Break down Operating Theatre rooms, and combine surgeons & anaesthetists into rooms. Ensures safety scans for double booking, unsupervised trainees and changes to the schedule 
  • Core Contingency – Create multiple roster versions, change or move roster dates, replace any roster with a different version at short notice and compare roster versions to see required FTE(Full Time Equivalent) and other metrics
  • Automated Safety & Compliance Scans

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About Core Schedule

Core Schedule is the leading provider of a suite of cloud-based healthcare scheduling software in emergency departments, hospitals, medical training programs, and urgent care clinics. It was designed by Dr Stephen C. Pool (MD FACEM) to solve the unique problems of rostering medical personnel and now is used by hospitals, telehealth services, and clinics around the world. Learn more about Core Schedule here.