Revolutionising Healthcare: Digital Health Week NZ 2023

Digital Health Week NZ 2023 (#HINZ2023) has arrived, and it promises to be an awesome event that will reshape the healthcare landscape. #HINZ2023 is taking place from Monday, November 27th, to Thursday, November 30th, at the Claudelands Events Centre in Hamilton. 

At #HINZ2023, attendees will participate in sessions, workshops, and presentations, all centred around the theme of digital health. 

Key Topics and Discussions

  1. Telemedicine and Remote Health: Explore how technology is breaking down geographical barriers in healthcare, making access to medical expertise easier than ever before.


  1. Health Data Management: Dive into data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning and their impact on patient care and outcomes.


  1. Patient Engagement: Discover innovative ways healthcare providers engage with patients, enhance their experiences, and promote better health outcomes.


  1. Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Delve into protecting sensitive patient data in an increasingly digital world.


  1. Digital Transformation: Learn how healthcare organisations embrace digital tools to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve patient care.

One of the most valuable aspects of attending Digital Health Week NZ 2023 is the chance to network with like-minded individuals from various fields. We have already had some great conversations with some of the Te Whatu Ora team; they were surprised that rostering can be done in Core Schedule and easily uploaded into Trendcare.

As we step into a new era of healthcare, #HINZ2023 will catalyse change, innovation, and collaboration. Join us in Hamilton this November, and let’s collectively shape the future of healthcare together.

Stay tuned for updates and further updates during the event.

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