Core Schedule Heading to ACEM ASM 2023 in Canberra Next Week

Next week, Core Schedule is gearing up for the ACEM ASM 2023 in Canberra. With CEO and Founder Dr. Stephen Pool leading the way, along with Jasmin Kelly, VP of Sales and Marketing, and the newest addition to the team, Business Development Manager Helena Manis, this promises to be an event filled with innovation, networking, and knowledge sharing.


Why ACACEM ASM 2023 Matters:

The ACEM ASM (Australasian College of Aged Care Emergency Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting) is a premier event in the healthcare industry. It brings together experts, professionals, and leaders across emergency medicine fields. The conference provides a platform for sharing groundbreaking ideas, research, and best practices that can significantly impact the healthcare landscape.


Dr. Stephen Pool – Leading the Charge:

As the CEO and Founder of Core Schedule as well as being a FACEM, Dr. Stephen Pool brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the conference. His visionary leadership has driven the company’s success in the healthcare scheduling industry. Dr. Pool is known for his innovative thinking and is expected to share insights on how technology can transform healthcare scheduling, making it more efficient and effective.


Helena Manis – A Fresh Perspective:

Helena Manis, Core Schedule’s newly appointed Business Development Manager, is attending her first ACEM ASM. Her fresh perspective and enthusiasm will inject new energy into the team’s interactions at the conference. Helena brings with her a background of over 15+ years of sales experience in the healthcare and medical sectors. Her track record includes roles at Country & Outback Health, Amplar Health, Surgical Specialties, and MDA National.


The Core Schedule team is excited about being at ACEM ASM 2023 in Canberra. Stay tuned for updates on their journey and insights throughout the conference.

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