Welcome to our new customers!

📣 Exciting News! 🎉 Core Schedule is thrilled to welcome new clients this month, further expanding our reach in the healthcare industry. We’re proud to partner with:

🏥 Aspen Medical – Virtual Health

🏥 South Adelaide Local Health Network – Flinders Medical Centre

🏥 Wide Bay HHS – Fraser Coast & Maryborough Emergency Department

🏥 West Moreton HHS – Ipswich Hospital Emergency Department

🏥 Te Whatu Ora Southern  – Lakes District Hospital – Emergency Department

Join us in welcoming our new clients:

1. Aspen Medical – Virtual Health:

Aspen Medical is a global healthcare services provider known for its innovative Virtual Health program. By leveraging advanced health technology solutions, Aspen Medical bridges the gap between healthcare providers and patients in remote and underserved areas. Core Schedule’s workforce management solutions will further enhance their capabilities, streamlining scheduling processes and ensuring optimal resource allocation.

2. South Adelaide Local Health Network – Flinders Medical Centre:

Flinders Medical Centre, a prominent healthcare institution, has partnered with Core Schedule to optimise scheduling efficiency across their Paediatrics, General Medicine, and Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) departments. Our advanced scheduling capabilities will streamline workflows, reduce administrative burden, and ensure comprehensive coverage, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on delivering high-quality care.

3. Wide Bay HHS – Fraser Coast & Maryborough Emergency Department:

Core Schedule is delighted to collaborate with Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service (HHS) to enhance staff scheduling efficiency in their Fraser Coast and Maryborough Emergency Departments. By implementing our workforce management solutions, Wide Bay HHS aims to optimise resource allocation, improve operational efficiency, and provide their communities with timely and effective emergency care.

4. West Moreton HHS – Ipswich Hospital Emergency Department:

West Moreton Hospital and Health Service (HHS) has chosen Core Schedule to streamline scheduling processes within their Ipswich Hospital Emergency Department. Our solution will consider staff availability, preferences, and skill sets to optimise resource allocation. This partnership aims to improve efficiency, ensuring the right healthcare professionals are assigned to the right tasks, resulting in enhanced patient care.

5. Te Whatu Ora Southern  – Lakes District Hospital – Emergency Department:

Core Schedule proudly supports the Lakes District Hospital Emergency Department, operated by Te Whatu Ora Southern. By implementing our scheduling solutions, Lakes District Hospital aims to enhance efficiency and effectiveness within its emergency department, facilitating seamless scheduling processes and improving the overall patient experience.

Through advanced technology and a focus on efficiency, Core Schedule is dedicated to supporting healthcare organisations in their mission to provide exceptional care to patients. We look forward to our partnership’s positive impact on these organisations and the communities they serve.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive innovation and transform workforce management in healthcare!