Core Schedule and Flinders Medical Centre Join Forces to Enhance Scheduling Efficiency in Key Departments

Adelaide, 12th July 2023 – Core Schedule, a leading provider of workforce management solutions, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Flinders Medical Centre, a renowned healthcare institution. The collaboration aims to optimise scheduling processes in the Paediatrics, General Medicine, and Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) departments, utilising Core Schedule’s advanced scheduling capabilities.


Core Schedule’s workforce management solutions will be implemented to streamline and enhance scheduling for consultants and junior doctors across the Paediatrics, General Medicine, and O&G departments at Flinders Medical Centre. By leveraging Core Schedule’s cutting-edge technology, Flinders Medical Centre aims to improve scheduling efficiency, ensure optimal resource allocation, and enhance overall productivity in these critical departments.


This partnership follows Core Schedule’s recent endorsement from the South Australian Doctors Union (SASMOA), affirming the company’s commitment to providing innovative workforce management solutions that meet the needs of healthcare professionals.


Key Benefits of the Core Schedule and Flinders Medical Centre Partnership:


  1. Streamlined Scheduling Processes: Core Schedule’s intuitive platform enables Flinders Medical Centre to streamline scheduling workflows, simplifying the process of allocating shifts and ensuring comprehensive coverage. By automating scheduling tasks, the administrative burden is reduced, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.


  1. Optimised Resource Allocation: Core Schedule’s advanced algorithms consider various factors, such as staff availability, preferences, and skill sets, to optimise the allocation of resources across the Paediatrics, General Medicine, and O&G departments. This ensures that the right personnel are assigned to the right tasks, improving overall operational efficiency.


“We are excited to partner with Flinders Medical Centre to transform their scheduling processes and enhance efficiency in key departments,” said Dr. Stephen C. Pool, CEO of Core Schedule. “By leveraging our advanced technology, we aim to optimise resource allocation and enable healthcare professionals to focus on delivering high-quality care.”


The collaboration between Core Schedule and Flinders Medical Centre reflects their shared commitment to driving innovation and improving patient outcomes. By streamlining scheduling processes, the partnership aims to enhance the overall experience for healthcare professionals and patients alike.


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