Welcoming Duane Attree as the New Chairman of the Board for Core Schedule

Core Schedule is delighted to announce the appointment of Duane Attree as the new Chairman of the Board. With his extensive experience in driving digital transformation, fostering high-performance cultures, and achieving strategic growth, Duane is poised to bring valuable insights and leadership to both the Australian and New Zealand boards of Core Schedule.


A Passion for Digital Enablement and Cultural Excellence:

Duane Attree is known for his passion for leading and advising organisations on their journey towards digital enablement and cultivating healthy, high-performing cultures. With a focus on innovation, scaling, and growth, Duane strives to make a positive difference, leaving a lasting impact on people, organisations, and projects. His professional standards, clear values, and commitment to continuous learning position him as an authentic and inspiring leader.


Diverse Expertise and Accomplishments:

With a diverse career spanning board, C-suite, and senior executive roles in both the public and private sectors, primarily within the health industry, Duane brings a wealth of expertise to Core Schedule. His experience encompasses strategy design, commercial and marketing planning, leadership development, change management, product design and innovation, data analytics, and corporate transactions. Additionally, his interest and experience in web3.0 projects highlight his forward-thinking approach to technology and its impact on the industry.


Founder of The 4th and Potential(x):

As the Founder of The 4th, an advisory firm focused on the health sector, Duane supports organisations and leaders in achieving clarity of purpose, strategic growth, and transformation. His expertise extends to breaking through start-up habits, shifting old-world paradigms, and creating a healthier and more sustainable future. In recent years, Duane ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing Potential(x) as an investment and operating company. Under his stewardship, Potential(x) successfully raised capital, acquired a complex health data analytics business, and led the organisation through transformation and international expansion.


A Mentor and Supporter of Start-ups:

Duane’s passion for innovation and entrepreneurship extends beyond his professional endeavors. He has actively engaged as a mentor, facilitator, and investor in early-stage start-ups, working with programs such as ANDHealth, Cicada Innovations, LaunchVic, and the Melbourne Health Accelerator. His dedication to supporting emerging ventures highlights his commitment to fostering a thriving ecosystem of innovation and growth.


Core Schedule is thrilled to welcome Duane Attree as the new Chairman of the Board, bringing his vast experience, strategic acumen, and passion for digital enablement to the company. With Duane’s leadership, Core Schedule is well-positioned to continue driving innovation, transforming workforce management practices, and delivering exceptional value to its clients. This appointment reflects Core Schedule’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and solidifies their vision for a future of streamlined staff scheduling and enhanced healthcare operations.