Conference Season is on its way!

Core Schedule is keen to announce our excitement for the upcoming conference season. We’re eagerly preparing to attend these conferences that promise to be enriching experiences:


ACEM 2023 – Annual Conference for Emergency Medicine:

   – Date: 19-23 November 2023

   – Location: Canberra, Australia

The ACEM 2023 Annual Conference for Emergency Medicine is a dynamic event that offers medical professionals access to the latest advancements in emergency medicine. From cutting-edge research to innovative technology, this conference will cover a wide range of topics. Attendees can look forward to engaging sessions, networking opportunities, and hands-on workshops.

Digital Health Week NZ (HiNZ) 

   – Date: 27-30 November 2023

   – Location: Hamilton, New Zealand


Digital Health Week NZ is a must-attend event for healthcare informatics enthusiasts. It will showcase the latest developments in health technology, electronic health records, and data management. Attendees can expect expert presentations, interactive discussions, and a chance to explore innovative solutions from exhibitors.


Core Schedule is eagerly looking forward to these upcoming conferences, and we’re committed to bringing back valuable insights and knowledge to enhance our services. If you’re attending any of these events, be sure to connect with us, as we’re always eager to engage with healthcare professionals and explore new horizons in our respective fields. Stay tuned for post-conference updates and reflections on what we’ve learned!