Core Schedule highlights safety-focussed electronic rostering system at ANDHealth Summit, gains endorsement from SA Doctors Union (SASMOA)


 Adelaide, 23rd May 2023Core Schedule, a leading healthcare workforce management solutions provider, showcased their advanced electronic rostering system during their presentation at the highly anticipated ANDHealth Summit in Adelaide on Tuesday, May 23rd. The event provided an exceptional platform for Core Schedule to unveil its innovative solution, which has received a valuable endorsement from the South Australian Doctors Union (SASMOA). The endorsement recognises the system’s robust safety features tailored specifically for junior and senior doctors and its comprehensive compliance and governance capabilities.

The ANDHealth Summit is an annual gathering of prominent healthcare leaders, industry innovators, and stakeholders to foster collaboration and drive advancements in digital health solutions. Core Schedule’s participation in this year’s summit demonstrated their commitment to revolutionising healthcare workforce management through state-of-the-art technology.

Core Schedule’s electronic rostering system offers a transformative approach to addressing the complex scheduling challenges healthcare organisations face. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, the system streamlines scheduling processes, prioritises the safety of medical professionals, and ensures compliance and governance in accordance with industry regulations. 


“Feedback from our SASMOA Trainee Medical Officer Committee has been strongly supportive of the possibility that SA Health may adopt Core Schedule’s electronic rostering system across our public hospitals and health services,” says SASMOA Chief Industrial Officer Bernadette Mulholland.


“The capabilities of a product like Core Schedule’s electronic rostering system are desperately needed to help ensure the safe and appropriate rostering of doctors – an effective and user-friendly electronic rostering system that supports appropriate staffing and fatigue management is long overdue, and ultimately supports patient care.”


This endorsement further solidifies Core Schedule’s commitment to enhancing healthcare workforce management and addressing the challenges of retention and resource allocation prevalent in the industry. It recognises the system’s ability to streamline the scheduling process for doctors, mitigate risks, and promote effective governance practices within healthcare organisations.


“We are delighted to have presented our electronic rostering system at the ANDHealth Summit,” stated Dr Stephen C. Pool, CEO and Founder of Core Schedule. “At Core Schedule, we are dedicated to providing healthcare organisations with powerful tools that optimise scheduling efficiency while placing paramount importance on the safety and compliance needs of healthcare organisations. The endorsement from SASMOA serves as a testament to the positive impact our electronic rostering system can have on the healthcare industry.”


During the presentation at the ANDHealth Summit, Core Schedule showcased the electronic rostering system’s robust safety features for junior and senior doctors, emphasising the company’s dedication to fostering a secure and supportive working environment. The system not only facilitates efficient scheduling but also promotes seamless communication and collaboration among healthcare teams, ultimately improving patient outcomes and mitigating retention challenges.


Core Schedule’s electronic rostering system is poised to revolutionise healthcare workforce management, offering enhanced safety, compliance, and governance. The company’s unwavering commitment to empowering healthcare organisations and supporting the well-being of medical professionals cements their position as a leader in the industry.


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