Attributes – anything you need and everything you want.

The latest update to Core Schedule Attributes means you have the ability to include any relevant information for your unit and team members. There is no limit to the number of data points, format, the kinds of information you need or the way it can be used in the system.

There are multiple ways attributes are used and appear in the system. For example, they can be shown in the roster, applied to rules, used for reporting, inform contingency plans, track call balances, identify compliance set or exceptions, automate process, place icons, inform unit and organisational risk analysis, or be combined with other data and used for calculations or projections with our advanced analytics tools, to name just a few.

Whether you need to track credential expiry, record every qualification and sub-specialty for every person, need to implement a leave reduction program, capture personal roster preferences, record and manage contract KPIs, or perhaps you want just to want to keep track of the birthday of the pets of the people on the team who have brown eyes and can pilot a helicopter. If you need it, we can include it to any level of detail or hierarchy across any category.

When used in conjunction with our rules, alerts, templates, safety scan, dashboards, reports, analytics and workflows, this information then helps with everything from identifying the person with the exact skill you need to SMS right now, forecasting the cost of your next roster, or knowing who needs to have their Working with Children Certificate renewed in the next 2 months.

Every roster, person, and team are different, and so is Core Schedule. We believe that people should determine what matters to them, not software. It’s essential.