Core Schedule Takes Center Stage at Digital Health Festival 2023 in Melbourne


We are delighted to announce that Core Schedule has arrived in Melbourne to participate in the highly anticipated Digital Health Festival 2023. As one of the premier companies New Zealand Trade Enterprise (NZTE) selected to be showcased in the NZTE Pavilion, Core Schedule is set to showcase its innovative technology and transformative solutions for healthcare scheduling and management.


Digital Health Festival 2023:

The Digital Health Festival is an annual event hub for industry leaders, healthcare professionals, and technology enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements in digital health. The festival is held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre this year. It provides an ideal platform for companies like Core Schedule to showcase their offerings and foster collaborations within the healthcare industry.


Core Schedule at the NZTE Pavilion:

Core Schedule has been chosen as one of the five premier companies to be featured in the NZTE Pavilion at the Digital Health Festival. NZTE, the New Zealand Government’s international growth agency, is committed to supporting the growth and success of New Zealand businesses on the global stage. By being selected for the NZTE Pavilion, Core Schedule reaffirms its position as a leading player in the health tech sector, highlighting its valuable contributions to the healthcare industry.


Revolutionising Healthcare Workforce Management:

At the forefront of healthcare workforce management, Core Schedule helps streamline and optimise scheduling processes. By automating complex tasks and ensuring optimal staff allocation, Core Schedule empowers healthcare organisations to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately deliver improved patient care.


NZTE: Driving New Zealand Businesses Internationally:

NZTE plays a pivotal role in facilitating the international growth of New Zealand businesses. Through initiatives like showcasing companies at events such as the Digital Health Festival, NZTE provides a platform for innovative solutions to reach a global audience, highlighting New Zealand’s expertise in the healthcare sector and fostering connections with potential international partners and clients.


Digital Health Festival Details:

Date: June 6-7, 2023

Location: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre