Embracing New Zealand Tech: Three Ways Aussies Can Live Their Best Lives

Embracing New Zealand Tech: Three Ways Aussies Can Live Their Best Lives

Friendly sporting rivalry aside, the land of the long white cloud continues to produce world-leading, future-focused tech solutions for Australian homes, schools, and businesses. In a recent article by Women in Tech, the spotlight shines on how New Zealand’s innovations are making a significant impact across various sectors in Australia. Here are three ways Kiwis are helping Aussies live their best lives.

Revolutionising Health Care Workforce Management with Core Schedule

Innovative technology is making waves in health care workforce management, with companies like Core Schedule leading the charge. Our platform offers a simple, transparent, and easily accessible solution for rostering health care professionals, ensuring optimal staffing levels and efficient resource allocation.

For health care facilities in Australia, Core Schedule’s technology means streamlined scheduling processes, reduced administrative burden, and improved staff satisfaction. By automating tasks such as shift planning, time tracking, and communication, Core Schedule helps health care organizations optimize their workforce management practices, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and patient care.


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By embracing these innovations, Australians can continue to live their best lives, benefiting from the forward-thinking solutions produced by our Kiwi neighbors.