Royal Prince Alfred Hospital emergency department entrance with ambulances parked outside.

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital ER Joins Core Schedule

Welcome to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Emergency Department!

We are excited to welcome the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Emergency Department (RPA ED) to our network of distinguished clients. RPA, a premier healthcare institution in Sydney, is renowned for its exceptional emergency medical services and commitment to excellence.


High-Quality, Comprehensive Care:
RPA ED provides top-notch emergency medical services, ensuring all patients receive timely and effective treatment.

Advanced Medical Technology:
The department is equipped with the latest medical technology, enabling accurate diagnostics and cutting-edge treatments.

Highly Trained and Experienced Staff:
RPA ED boasts a team of skilled Senior Medical Officers (SMO), Resident Medical Officers (RMO), and Registrars dedicated to delivering exceptional care.

Involvement in Research and Innovation:
The hospital is actively involved in medical research and the adoption of innovative practices, continuously improving patient outcomes.

Patient-Centered Approach:
RPA ED focuses on personalized care, prioritizing patient comfort and individual needs throughout their treatment.

Efficient Handling of High Patient Volumes:
The department excels in managing high patient volumes efficiently, ensuring prompt attention and care.

Active Community Engagement:
RPA ED is deeply engaged with the local community, offering health education, outreach programs, and collaborating with local health services.

Adherence to High Accreditation Standards:
The department adheres to rigorous accreditation and quality assurance standards, maintaining the highest level of care.


Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Emergency Department is recognized for its excellence in comprehensive emergency care, advanced medical technology, experienced staff, patient-centered services, efficient management, community involvement, research initiatives, and adherence to high-quality standards.

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