Leading software provider partners with newly completed Gnullingoo Mia Aged Care facility

Core Schedule continues to make its mark in the growing Aged Care market by signing with Western Australian facility, Gnullingoo Mia.

Brisbane, Australia: Core Schedule today announced the signing of new client Gnullingo Mia Aged Care facility. The recently completed 38-bed facility is located at the Carnarvon Health Campus and part of the Western Australian Country Health Service. The beds at Gnullingoo Mia will meet the rising demand for aged and palliative care services in the Gascoyne area and are designed to facilitate telehealth initiatives to give residents greater access to specialists in Perth.

Having worked extensively with the Western Australian Country Health Service, Core Schedule was the right choice for Gnullingoo Mia to help manage their growing workforce.

Core Schedule is becoming the vendor of choice when it comes to staff scheduling in the healthcare sector, with over 100 organisations using Core Schedule across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

VP of Sales and Marketing for Core Schedule, Jasmin Kelly, said that the team were excited about this project as this is such a fast-growing market that deserves the right tools to help provide quality care to an aging population.

⍘It made sense for us to move into Aged Care, as many of the healthcare systems we already work with providing aged care services. When it comes to managing your workforce in Aged Care it simply comes down to having the right people and service at the right place and the right time.⍘

Although, it may sound simple, most “off the shelf solutions” miss the mark when it comes to meeting the unique requirements of the healthcare industry. Dr Stephen C. Pool, CEO and founder of Core Schedule noted that while Core Schedule started out as a tool for his own Emergency Department, it has quickly grown into much more.

⍘We are constantly listening to our clients, their frustrations and pain points when it comes to managing their workforce and being able to provide the best quality of care. Many of our product features and even new modules, come directly from working closely with individual clients and creating solutions for their day to day problems.⍘

Successful healthcare stems from creating a safe and healthy environment for all who work in healthcare. Part of creating that balance starts with smart scheduling; placing the right people, into the right place, at the right time. Core Schedule’s tools easily manage complex rules and requests, creating a clear, fair and accessible system. Now doctors and nurses, no longer spend many hours rostering and allocating staff, fixing mistakes and making last-minute changes – a demanding process with huge knock-on effects, leading to overwork, burnout and less time for patients. Now, there is more time to focus on actually helping people, which greatly enriches patient care.

Core Schedule is proud to be working alongside the Western Australian Country Health Service to continue its mission of improving staff schedules, creating a safer and more efficient work environment, making everyone’s lives easier.

About Core Schedule: 

Core Schedule is the leading provider of a suite of cloud-based work roster tools for staff in emergency departments, hospitals, medical training programs, and urgent care clinics. It was designed by Dr Stephen C. Pool (MD FACEM) to solve the unique problems of rostering medical personnel and now is used by hospitals, telehealth services, and clinics around the world. 

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VP Sales & Marketing

Core Schedule

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