Revolutionizing Healthcare Workforce Management: Core Schedule Partners with TimeSmart.AI

Efficiency and optimization are paramount in the healthcare landscape. Today, our team at Core Schedule is thrilled to announce a partnership between our company and TimeSmart.AI. This collaboration brings together two industry leaders committed to enhancing the healthcare ecosystem through innovation and seamless technology integration.

The Future of Physician Rostering and Healthcare Contract Management

At Core Schedule, our mission has always been to provide cutting-edge solutions that streamline healthcare operations and improve patient outcomes. Our latest partnership with TimeSmart.AI, a comprehensive healthcare contract management technology, marks a significant milestone in our journey towards transforming healthcare management.

By combining our advanced staff rostering solutions with TimeSmart.AI’s comprehensive health tech platform, we are poised to deliver an unparalleled experience for clinicians and healthcare organizations alike. This integration will simplify scheduling and resource allocation and enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

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Seamless Integration for Enhanced Efficiency

One of the key benefits of this partnership is the seamless integration of our systems. The synergy between Core Schedule’s rostering platform and TimeSmart.AI’s health tech solutions will enable real-time data sharing, providing healthcare organizations with a holistic view of their operations. This integrated approach ensures that physician schedules are optimized, reducing administrative burden and allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care.

“This partnership with TimeSmart.AI represents a significant step forward in our mission to transform staff rostering and healthcare contract compliance. We are thrilled to integrate our solutions with theirs, creating a more efficient and effective healthcare environment,” said Stephen Pool, CEO of Core Schedule.

A Shared Vision for Innovation

TimeSmart.AI shares Core Schedule’s vision for innovation and excellence in healthcare operational efficiency. Their state-of-the-art health tech solutions have already significantly impacted the industry, and we believe that together, we can achieve even greater heights.

“We’re excited to join forces with Core Schedule to revolutionize how healthcare organizations manage their workforce. This partnership highlights our commitment to leveraging industry-leading technology to improve compliance, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce administrative burden for clinicians,” said Ismail Moola, CEO and Co-Founder of TimeSmart.AI.

Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

The integration of our systems offers numerous benefits for healthcare organizations, including:

  • Improved Scheduling Efficiency: Automated rostering and scheduling reduce the time and effort required to manage clinician shifts, leading to more efficient resource use.
  • Enhanced Data Accuracy: Real-time data sharing ensures that all stakeholders can access accurate and up-to-date information, facilitating better decision-making.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: By streamlining administrative tasks, healthcare professionals can dedicate more time to patient care, improving overall patient satisfaction.
  • Optimized Resource Allocation: Our platforms’ combined capabilities enable healthcare organizations to allocate resources more effectively, ensuring that the right professionals are in the right place at the right time.

Looking Ahead

This partnership is just the beginning of an exciting journey towards revolutionizing healthcare workforce management. As we continue to innovate and expand our capabilities, we are committed to delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of healthcare organizations worldwide.

We invite you to join us on this journey and experience the transformative power of our integrated solutions. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we embark on this exciting new chapter in healthcare compliance.

For more information about our partnership with TimeSmart.AI, please visit our website or contact us at